Saturday, May 26, 2007


Israel, awed by Jericho’s wall,
Knew force alone would fail.
God’s orders seemed unusual—
Just walk—and you’ll prevail.
God’s children probably wondered
If orders that seemed so meek
Could destroy a mighty city
Of mockers who thought them weak…
Still they marched when God commanded,
Shouted at trumpet blast,
Saw a stronghold circled in faith
Fall to the ground at last.
When David guarded little sheep
And sang out in the field,
His brothers saw him as unfit
To fight with God as shield.
It looked absurd to see the boy
With slingshot in his hand
Challenge the Philistine warrior
Of build and armor grand.
Yet his strength lay not in slingshot
Or king’s armor lent by Saul—
A little pebble flung in faith
Is what made a giant fall.
You ask if I can conquer
The foes I face today,
If wind blowing hard upon me
Wouldn’t sweep me right away.
You say that I’m mistaken
If I think I shall prevail,
As you look at all the battles,
Storms, mountains I must scale .
How can I claim the victory
Of battles yet unfought?
My enemies have chariots,
Fleet steeds for the onslaught.
My gates, they are surrounded
By warriors so strong,
Rich with plunder from past victories;
Loud rings their battle song.
But do not be confused: although
I’m weak, you may be sure
That I’m protected by a fortress,
Tall, strong and secure.
No, I do not ride a chariot,
Or have a lance of steel—
But my God’s a man of war who
Crushes evil with His heel.
You ask how I know I’ll triumph?
And I say, see my shield,
My sword, my captain—He’s the one
Who for me wins the field.
For though I may strive and labor,
I can’t win on my own.
Yet when I rest my faith in Christ,
And walk His path alone…
And walk though I can’t see victory,
And walk when things look grim,
Then I know that I will triumph
For my faith rests in Him.
by Holly (5/07)

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Thanks for the comment you just left on my blog... it meant a lot. I am so happy ladies are responding to my posts and embracing my vision. Thanks!

Your blog looks really beautiful. I'll check back again.
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