Thursday, August 17, 2006

Where I belong, what I deserve,
Unsure, unworthy, scared to swerve -
My thoughts so often earthly though I'm born anew.

I know that I'm a treasured sheep
And in Your fold each night I sleep,
But after sleep, still-wearied sheep need trust that's deep.

Falt'ring seems the peace that comes
From being in Your called-out ones
And trusting thus that You shall steer me true.

Remind me that my source of joy is You.

The rest I seek consists of hope in You.
You're strength for everything I need to do.
With perfect grace and wisdom now mine, too,
Continue teaching me what pleases You.
Your own desires fulfill and change my plans into.

Paths may curve or narrow, it is true,
But courage for the course You've called me to
Lies in my knowledge that You'll see me through,
Though foes abound and sheep friends may seem few.
Don't ever let my eyes stray off of You.

Remind me that Your promises are true.
As a river, daily does Your peace continue;
It doesn't falter--just the one it's promised to.
My path is mapped, and I'm content recalling Who
Has planned good steps in ways to teach, correct, renew.

Remind me that Your promises are true.
Remind me that my source of joy is You.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Sometimes I wish that I could see clearly the entire path God has planned for my life. Frustrated I grow when I'm coming closer and closer to an intersection in my life and I don't know which way to turn...or if I should turn.
I'd like to know why the direction He tells me to take is the right direction.
I walk, but can't help thinking that I'd prefer to be flying a plane above the path so that I could look down, see where the finish line lies, and understand why He leads me where He leads me.I want the whole map.

I am so human.

I am so grateful that God is not.

How much wiser and higher than my own are His thoughts and plans.
I'm realizing that God likes to lead me one step at a time, rather than showing me all He has planned for me. It's enough to know His plans are good.
Right now I need to know the next step...and I need to know it soon.

God, help me to be diligent. Help me to be patient.
Help me to hear. Help me to be obedient.