Monday, August 7, 2006

Sometimes I wish that I could see clearly the entire path God has planned for my life. Frustrated I grow when I'm coming closer and closer to an intersection in my life and I don't know which way to turn...or if I should turn.
I'd like to know why the direction He tells me to take is the right direction.
I walk, but can't help thinking that I'd prefer to be flying a plane above the path so that I could look down, see where the finish line lies, and understand why He leads me where He leads me.I want the whole map.

I am so human.

I am so grateful that God is not.

How much wiser and higher than my own are His thoughts and plans.
I'm realizing that God likes to lead me one step at a time, rather than showing me all He has planned for me. It's enough to know His plans are good.
Right now I need to know the next step...and I need to know it soon.

God, help me to be diligent. Help me to be patient.
Help me to hear. Help me to be obedient.

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