Thursday, November 9, 2006

Post-Campaigning Thoughts

“This is the 400th call I’ve gotten from you people, and I’m getting sick of it,” the woman tells me when she hears why I have called.

Grating is the sound of her berating.

I don’t agree. But then, my view may be one that she’ll never see. Perhaps I ask of her something she’ll never be.

I understand. Who wants to hear the same thing even twice?

I have heard those who are disturbed to hear me speak about things that should mean more than dirt at their feet.

I’m grateful: the words I speak are not all scattered with the dust.

In life, I’ve made petitions even more crucial than for votes.

That they’ve been heard I have no doubt. Nor do I doubt that, when accepted, they are valued, even when the King I come before has already heard me call out a great many times, even when my request sounds just the same.

A plethora of conversation brings Him pleasure. Scores of seekers cry out simultaneously; still He smiles at me.

He tells me:

“Come again. All day I long to hear your voice, each night to know your thoughts.

I know the secret things already, come, talk with me about them. Don't be afraid.You’ve considered that so many times; why have we only discussed it four?

Or perhaps we’ve spoken four-hundred times already. I wish it had been more. Let’s amend the lack, increase the frequency. Even silence can be saturated with worship that means more than words express.

Speak with me more.

I’ll always answer when you knock at my door.”

Only One can I think of Who would give all He had that I might be His supplicant.

Having a good conversation with Him? Incomparable.

And for the record...campaigning was amazing, filled with close friends, awesome leaders, and dedication to work for something we believe in.
There's joy in the knowledge that even when a candidate doesn't win, He makes our efforts worthwhile. ;)