Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Lying Sacrifice

So many people say they give their all.
So many people sing of sacrifice
Sing of surrender, leaving everything.
There’s nothing left of me, they say,
I’m holding nothing back.
I’ve given it all up to you.

And I look at them and wonder,
Not judging, but desiring understanding.
It seems a high thing to give one’s all.
How many people really have attained it?
Are they truly being honest
When they say those words?

Desire to surrender is a good thing,
Claim to have surrendered all
Seems dangerous unless the claim is truth.
Too many times I’ve sung those words,
While knowing there are things I’m holding back.

Genuine is my desire,
And God knows that I want to surrender
All I have to Him,
But while I’ve given Him my life to change,
Sometimes I see portions still I call my own
Despite the fact that I no longer own myself.

Yes, I am His.
But help me to be honest
When I see that there are things
I try to hold back,
Despite His claim on me and my surrender.

Don’t let me be like Ananias.
Before his offering his money was his own.
He was not forced to give to God,
But when he chose to give he needed to be honest.
He knew inside that he was holding back,
Yet claimed to have surrendered everything.
Why? Reputation, greed, appearances?

But only men are fooled by reputation
The offering was not to man, but God.
And heaven’s eyes not tricked saw through the farce,
For God sees hearts and inward thoughts.
He knows our plans before we even do.

Yes, we must give all our lives to Him who calls
Us to Himself that we may live,
And this is offering more valuable than money.
But if we are not really willing,
Lying only makes things worse.
We are made obstacles to our own desire to live.

Or when we have not really paid
The price we’ve claimed to pay—our lives,
Whom have we fooled?
We may try to lie to Him,
But He is truth.
Truth is not fooled by lies.

When I offer You myself,
Let me be genuine.
I want to be happy if you take me up on my offer.
Don’t let me give my life as a lying sacrifice.
Help me be honest before God and before man.

You were genuine when you offered Yourself to me.
You followed through.
Help me be like You.