Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're a holy God, so make us wholly Yours.
You are our provider; you give us everthing we need.
Even when it feels like there are things we lack, we know that You withhold no good thing from us.
The things we see as lacks can teach us. They show us just how much we need You.
And even when this life on earth is hard and we're reminded that it's not our home, we know that You are preparing a place for us.
Prepare the people for that place.

Turn wrong directions into Your will.
Help us know that Your faithfulness is not disproved when we face trials.
Give us Your vision even in the fog of circumstances and emotion.
Remind us that blessing comes in many shapes. No earthly pleasure can match the joy of Your embrace.
And You do promise to provide for us, and we're encouraged by Your provision in the past.
Yet we know the spiritual is even more vital than the physical.
If we ever hunger, don't let us forget that our souls can eat of Your bread and drink the living water no matter where we are or what we face.
You say the righteous soul shall never famish. Let us feed on Your faithfulness, and as we grow in our trust of You, may You fulfill Your purposes for us. Teach us patience, and enable us to delight in the way in which You lead us. Be our help. Give us the desires of our hearts. Shape our desires.

Help us mature when we face disappointment. Help us grow satisfied in You alone as we face feelings that tell us that others prosper more than we. Those who despise You sometimes flourish. Yet what we possess in righteousness is greater than the treasures of many wicked, for our treasures are everlasting, imperishable, unable to be stolen. The wicked may appear as strong trees, and yet look how they wither (Ps 37). Keep our leaves ever green as we trust in You and are fully sustained by the streams of living water from the Rock of our salvation (Ps 78). We know not the limits of Your salvation and righteousness, for they are boundless. We walk in Your unlimited strength (Ps 71).

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