Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have so little motivation to blog lately. *sigh*
But I am writing...just not here. ;-)


EGHorst said...

I was randomly looking at blogs and ran across yours... wow, it has been forever! :-( Hope all is well, and I'm not commenting to say that you should blog more, since I don't that often. Anyway... hope that all is well and, yeah, this is turning out to be a ridiculous comment... Hmm... Lord bless you and your family and may you have a very delightful Christmas season!
Elizabeth aka Liza :-)

Boomka said...

I read a great writing book lately that said you should throw away your journal because all of your great writing gets hidden instead of being put toward something significant or otherwise. Now while I don't advise getting rid of your journal I do think its an interesting point. When people tell me to shut the heck up and stop sharing my stuff online, maybe then I will go back and buy a journal. =)